Manage your personal finances

Budgito helps you to keep track of your daily expenses. The focus is on a simple and easy-to-use interface. New expenses can be entered super fast, appealing graphical evaluations and personal budgets help you to track your expenses.

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Features you will love

Mutiple Accounts

Keep track of your finances with multiple accounts and transfers.

Personal Budgets

Create your own budgets for individual categories, so you always know how much money you have left.

Recurring Transactions

Plan your month with daily, weekly or monthly transactions and always know what's next.


Create and customize your own categories, choose from a variety of different colors and icons.

Currency Conversion

Choose from more than 150 currencies and use the integrated currency converter with always up-to-date exchange rates.

iCloud Sync

All your data is synced to your personal iCloud, so it's available on all your devices, both iPhones and iPads.

Privacy first. No registration. No ads.

All your data is stored only locally on your device and in your personal iCloud.

No registration is required to use the app. Nobody but you has access to your data.

Budgito is completely ad-free and most features are free to use. Some advanced features may require the purchase of the Pro version.